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It is Spring! This time of year always makes me miss living in the DC area when the cherry blossoms are blooming. I used to make my way down to the Tidal Basin super early in the morning to take photos and avoid the crowds. Every year I reminisce by going through my old photos, and today I found some of these gems I have shared below. These photos were taken years ago and yet when I see the pictures, I get to relive those memories.

This is one of the reasons I am a photographer.  Photography allows me to capture the feeling, the surroundings, those moments you cherish. Time just keeps marching on. Those kids grow up and our families expand. Take those photos! Capture those memories! Let me capture those memories for you! You need to be in the photographs as well. Your kids will want photos with you in them. Don’t worry about any extra pounds or looking perfect, your family won’t care about that – they only care about you. I am a firm believer everyone should have a great photo of themselves and their family! So, let’s take those photos and capture those memories!

Here is a little more information about me. As you read above, I lived in the DC area for about 12 years and now I live in Logan, Utah. I shoot a lot in the Tetons and in Star Valley, Wyoming which is where I grew up. I love to be out in the mountains, hiking, camping, and backpacking. I have so many hobbies and interests it seems I always have a project going or learning some new skill that peaks my interest. The variety of these interests over the years is pretty random: swing dancing, pottery throwing, rug making, watercolor painting, hand lettering, sewing, cake decorating, paddle boarding, cycling, racquetball, pickleball, snowshoeing, gardening, woodworking with a lathe, building frames, and making delicious food. I have loved photography since I was a teenager. Photography is the thing that lights me up the most. I love it! I love capturing memories for my family and for other families. I am so grateful for all of my clients that allow me to capture memories for them.





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Hello! I am Tiana. I hope you have enjoyed looking around my site. 
I am a wedding and family photographer in Star Valley and Jackson Hole Wyoming.
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