What to Wear for Family Photos

When I first started photographing families I never understood why I always got asked this question, that is, until I hired one of my favorite photographers to take my portraits.  I’ve never known the pressure to find the perfect outfit until that moment! Now I can relate! I tried on so many different outfits trying to find the perfect look. I finally understood why my clients stressed about what to wear.  When you are paying someone to capture your portraits or your family, you really do want to look your best.  I have a few suggestions for you while planning out your family outfits.

1. Pick something you feel confident and comfortable in. This is important. If you are confident and comfortable, then you won’t be adjusting a shirt that is too clingy, or feel like you always need to be checking your clothing, etc.  If you feel good in what you are wearing it comes through in the photos. 

2. For coordinating colors in family photos, try picking out mom’s outfit first.  Then you can coordinate colors based off of that outfit.  Some people love the matchy-matchy outfits and that is fine, I tend to lean towards the look of a little more variety. I suggest using different colors, patterns, textures to compliment each other.  For example, if Mom is wearing a soft pink dress, her husband could be wearing grey and blue plaid shirt. Her son wearing a solid gray. Her daughter wearing a blue dress with pink flowers.  

Or mom wearing cream, Dad wearing forest green, with son wearing a pattern shirt or maybe solid shirt with a vest. Daughter wearing green dress with cream cardigan.  Options are endless, check your closets and see what coordinates! 

3. What to avoid? I suggest no large logos, and no neon. Red is another color I would avoid – if you love red, consider a deeper tone of red, like a burgundy.  Instead of bright pink, go with a softer tone. Neutrals usually photograph beautifully. 

4. Think about where/how you will be displaying your photos. Do you print them big on your wall? If yes, what colors do you decorate your home with, do you want these photos to match that decor? Think about colors of you clothing in that context if that is important to you.

5. Of course I give all of these examples and suggestions, but my honest short answer is that really it matters most WHO is in the photos and not what you are wearing.  So don’t stress too much over what to wear. Your family will be grateful to have you in the photos and have photos of you together.

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